What we do

A 501c3 non-profit serving youth and young adults in under-served communities, particularly those plagued by community violence.

The goal is to provide them with resources, opportunities, positive outlets and supportive services to foster positive pro social behavior to deter delinquent acts.


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Help us to provide a safe place for Hampton Roads youth and young adults to have fun displaying their talent while providing them access to supportive resources.


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Making an impact Since 2019 to show the youth they matter

GB2DB has put on numerous events in the community to include:

• Toy Drives
• Violence Awareness Marches/Rallies
• Stop the Violence Softball, Basketball, & Football Games
• Pick the Mic Up Put the Guns Down Talent Showcases
• Clothing Drives
• After School Programs/Mentoring

Give Back 2 Da Block started in Portsmouth VA, as founder Darrell Redmond, felt the need to provide resources and opportunities to the communities he grew up in, since the inception, Give Back 2 Da Block has partnered with various organizations and expanded events to surrounding Hampton Roads Cities.
Darrell Redmond
CEO & Founder of GB2DB
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We see the problem

Portsmouth and surrounding cities have experienced an uptick in community violence, and our under-served communities are plagued by: gang activity, drug abuse, dropout rates, rising rates of recidivism and mental health. These factors adversely affect youth and young adults of Hampton Roads and contribute to the vicious cycle of violence.

Our Objective

Give Back 2 Da Block has put together a series of events and showcases to help combat violence. Giving young people a positive outlet and an opportunity for creative expression is one way we are helping to bring awareness and address youth violence and gang activity in our communities. Our goal is to instill confidence, community awareness, and provide positive outlets, affording youth and young adults the opportunity to turn negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones.

Why we need you

The success of the Give Back 2 Da Block events and outreach efforts to positively engage youth and young adults and keep them off the street relies on the support and collaboration of both corporate and private sponsors. We would be honored to have your organization join us at the forefront of creating change and opportunities for youth and young adults in Hampton Roads. We look forward to your support in these intentional engagement opportunities in hopes of shifting our community dynamic. There are so many individuals who are constantly overlooked, misunderstood, and are simply not afforded the opportunity to develop their talents and we would like to continue to create platforms that afford these avenues.

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